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Healthy Shop database
MULTIPLE JOINs – Exercises
8. Exercise 4


Good! Keep it up!


For each product display:

  • the name of the company that produced it (alias the column to producer_name),
  • the name of the department where the product is located (alias it to department_name),
  • the name of the product (alias it to product_name),
  • the total number of carbohydrates in the product.

Your query should still consider products with no information about producer_id, department_id or product_ids.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Use LEFT JOINs while connecting tables.


  prod.name AS producer_name,
  d.name AS department_name,
  p.name AS product_name,
FROM product p
LEFT JOIN producer prod
  ON prod.id = p.producer_id
LEFT JOIN department d
  ON d.id = p.department_id
LEFT JOIN nutrition_data nd
  ON nd.product_id = p.id