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What are vectors?
Vector operations
Indexing and filtering
Simple analysis


Nicely done! We've seen that you can use the summary() function when dealing with numeric columns. If you have a character column, though, finding a minimum or maximum value does not make sense. However, you may want to count the occurrence of a certain value for each category.

For example, we want to find the number of employees that know a given foreign language. We can calculate it with the table() function, like this:


With this expression, R will count the number of occurrences of each value from the known_languages vector:

Polish  French  German  Japanese
     4       5       3         1

You will use table() quite often. Try it yourself in the exercise!


If you know that the vector job_positions stores the position of every employee at the Versico company, you can find the number of employees that work at a given post.

Display a frequency table for the job_positions vector. Use the table() function.