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2. Table recipe


We will start with very easy exercises.

But before you begin writing code, first look at the tables of data on which you will operate. On the right side of the screen, there is a button labeled Database – click on it to study the structure of the tables.

Some of us collect the recipes for our favorite meals. Our database stores a collection of recipes for a favorite meal.

The first table you will operate on is the recipe table. This table contains the set of recipes for various dishes (foods).


Select all data from the recipe table. It has columns:

  • id – identifier of the recipe,
  • name – name of the recipe,
  • difficulty – varying difficulty of making recipes from 1 to 3: 3 – indicates the most difficult, and 1, the least,
  • cook_time – time in minutes to make the recipe.
  • rating – number of points from 1 to 3 given by people as assessment of recipe: 3 – excellent, is the highest mark, and 1 – not so good, the lowest.