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Get to know the database
5. The products and categories tables


Well done! We'll now discuss the products and categories tables.

The products table stores information about products sold at the Northwind store. Each product has a unique product_id and a product_name. Each product is supplied by a single supplier (supplier_id) and belongs to a single category (category_id). Each product also has a certain unit_price. The discontinued column contains either a false (available in store) or a true (discontinued) that reflects the current availability of that product.

Products are organized into categories. The information about categories is stored in the categories table. Each category has a unique ID and a category_name. There is also a short description.

Because the products table contains the category_id column, you can join it with the categories table to get more information about the product's category (e.g., the category name).


For each product, display its name (product_name), the name of the category it belongs to (category_name), quantity per unit (quantity_per_unit), the unit price (unit_price), and the number of units in stock (units_in_stock). Order the results by unit price.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Join the categories and products tables.