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How to query more than one table
Creating JOINs
Referencing columns
7. Display specific columns
Let's practice


Splendid! Now, let's say we only need a few columns in our result. We just want to know the model of the car and the owner's name, Take a look:

FROM person
JOIN car
  ON = car.owner_id;

Simple, isn't it? Instead of the asterisk (*), we put the column names.

As we now have more than one table, we put the table name in front of the column name and we separate them with a dot (.). In this way, SQL knows that the column model belongs to the car table, etc.


Select director name and movie title from tables movie and director in such a way that a movie is shown together with its director.

Stuck? Here's a hint!


FROM movie
JOIN director
  ON movie.director_id =;