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Inserting data
6. Insert multiple rows
Modifying data
Deleting data


Magnificent! Now, if you need to fill up your database quickly, you may be wondering how to add a lot of data without much effort. Of course you could write an INSERT INTO statement for each separate row, but there is also a quicker way. Have a look:

INSERT INTO user (id, name) VALUES
  (6, 'Chris'),
  (7, 'Barbara');

That's right, after the closing parenthesis with the values, you can put a comma and continue adding more rows in the same way. This allows you to add multiple values quickly.


Lots of Czech tourists are now coming to the restaurant, and they would like to try some of their national dishes. Let's give them:

  • A main course named Gulas s knedlikem (id 11, price 29).
  • A dessert named Vosi Hnizda (id 12, price 14).

Stuck? Here's a hint!


  (11, 'main course', 'Gulas s knedlikem', 29),
  (12, 'dessert', 'Vosi Hnizda', 14);