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Final Quiz
4. Question 3


Good job! Now let's take a look at customer activity.


Find the number of "good customers" in weekly signup cohorts from the first quarter of 2017. Define a good customer as one whose average total order amount was above $800.00. Show the following columns:

  • Year – the year of registration.
  • Week – the week of registration.
  • PercentOfGoodCustomers – the percent of good customers.

Order the results by year and week.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

First, you will need to create a CTE that returns the table of customer IDs, their registration dates, and their average order value. In the inside query:

  • Join the Customers and Orders tables.
  • Create three columns: CustomerID, RegistrationDate, AVG(TotalAmount).
  • Group rows by the CustomerID and RegistrationDate columns.

In the outer query:

  • Using the DATEPART() function, extract year and week.
  • Using the COUNT() function and the CASE WHEN statement, count the percentage of the "good customers," like so:
    COUNT(CASE WHEN /* only values over 800 */ END) * 100.0 / COUNT(/* all values */) AS PercentOfGoodCustomers
  • Don't forget about grouping the result by the year and week.