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5. Exercise 4


Amazing! Don't give up – just two more exercises to go!


  1. Create a new workbook and assign it to the wb variable.
  2. Rename the default sheet to spendings_summary.
  3. Create two additional worksheets and name them january_spendings and february_spendings.
  4. Append the data from the january_spendings and february_spendings variables to the appropriate worksheets.
  5. Add the following row to the spendings_summary worksheet:
    january_spendings february_spendings
    The second row should contain the sum of all spendings for January and for February, respectively.

Save the results to the monthly_spendings.xlsx file.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

Create a new workbook with the Workbook() function. You can add a new sheet with the .create_sheet() function. To append a row to a sheet, use the .append(row) function.