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Great! Now let's try something different. Let's assume that we want to access data from a table about employers:

id name position salary
1 John Doe Junior Developer 4000
2 Mary Sue Marketing Specialist 3500
3 Kate May Project Manager 5000
4 Janet Rainwood Developer 7000
5 Anne Bonnie Technical Writer 4200

As you can see, this spans from "A1" to "D6":


We can iterate over the values row by row:

ws = wb["employers"]
for row in ws["A1":"D6"]:

The result would be a tuple of cells from each row:

(<Cell "employers".A1>, <Cell "employers".B1>, <Cell "employers".C1>, ...)
(<Cell "employers".A2>, <Cell "employers".B2>, <Cell "employers".C2> ...,)
(<Cell "employers".A3>, <Cell "employers".B3>, <Cell "employers".C3> ...,)

Each cell object has the name Cell at the beginning, followed by the name of the worksheet it comes from and the A1 notation of its location.


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