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SQL Interview: Tips From Recruiter and Sample Questions with Solutions

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Applying for an SQL-related position? You’ll likely have to pass an interview process. But you’ll be much better prepared for the interview if you know what to expect. This article sheds some light on the recruiter’s perspective to better prepare you for your interview. SQL Knowledge and Skills There are different SQL skills that an interview can test. These include: Skills related to any specific SQL database engine (like PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle).

How to Become a Database Analyst

Curious about becoming a database analyst? Maybe you’ve taken some database courses at university and they really struck a chord. Or maybe you learned online. Now you’re thinking about making a career out of working with databases. Where would you start? What should you expect at each phase of your professional development? In this post, we’ll explore the challenging and exciting world of databases analysis. We’ll go from the very beginning of a career to the apex of professional success.