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Introduction to lists
Accessing list elements
Unnamed lists
Working with lists
25. Adding a new member to a list


Great! It's also possible to add new members to a list.

After speaking with Emma, we also learned that she will require a visa to work in England. We can add this new information to the list like so:

candidate$sponsorship_required <- "Yes"

Here's what the new list looks like:

> candidate
[1] "Emma Stone"
[1] 31
[1] "England"
[1] "English" "Dutch"   "French" 
          year company     job_role
1 2011- present  Viscan data analyst
2     2007-2011 Terramy data analyst
3    2001- 2007 Nestico    developer
[1] "Data scientist"
[1] "Yes"

Keep in mind that same info could be stored in the sponsorship_required member like this:

candidate[["sponsorship_required"]] <- "Yes"


After chatting with Emma, you also learned that she's very "communicative", "open minded", and a "team player" (in that order). Store this information in a new member of candidate named additional_skills for future reference.