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Introduction to lists
4. Displaying a list
Accessing list elements
Unnamed lists
Working with lists


Nice! You just displayed the contents of the candidate list by typing its name. Its contents look like this:

[1] "Emma Stone"

[1] 35

[1] "England"

[1] "Data analyst"

[1] "English" "Dutch"   "French" 

           year company     job_role
1 2011- present  Viscan data analyst
2     2007-2011 Terramy data analyst
3    2001- 2007 Nestico    developer

[1] "Data scientist"

First, notice that several lines here start with $. Anything following a $ is a member name. This list contains elements (members) named: name, age, country, profession, languages, prior_working_experience, and applied_position.

After each element name, on the next line, R displays that element's values. For example, the member name contains the value "Emma Stone", the member age contains the number 35, and prior_working_experience contains an entire data frame.


Display the contents of the list named job_role. How many members do you see in the list?