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1. Welcome
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Welcome to Introduction to R! The R programming language is very popular among mathematicians, especially statisticians. It's a free, comprehensive tool that is used for data analysis and many statistical procedures.

This course will teach you the basics of R. After completing this course you should know enough R to do simple data analysis on your own.

On the right side of this panel, there is an editor that you will be using to type R code as you work through the exercises in this course. Execute the code by pressing the Run and Check Code button, R will run the code and return the result in the Result tab below the Code Editor.

The simplest code you can write in R is just a single number:


In that case, R will simply print back the number's value as the result.


Type the number 3 in the Code Editor, and click the Run and Check Code button.

Observe that R responds by printing the value of the number you typed. We'll explain why it also displays [1] later in the course.