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17. Argument names


Great! Lets go even further with arguments. Each function argument has an associated name.

round(14.356, 2)

In this call those argument names are x (14.356) and digits (2). You can use argument names in function call. In parentheses, first give the name of the argument, then the equality sign (=), and then the value of the argument. Here is an example for the round function:

round(x = 14.356, digits = 2)

If you use argument names, you can change the order of arguments, like this:

round(digits = 2, x = 14.356)

We've changed the order of the arguments x and digits such that the precision comes first. In this version of the function call, we must state the names of the arguments. Without the argument names, R would interpret the number we'd like to round as 2, based on its relative order in the argument list.

If you don't explicitly state the argument names, R will match them based on their relative positions and ordering.


Round Tanya's weight in pounds (136.6864) to one decimal place. Use argument names when calling the appropriate function.