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Know your problem
Know your data
Visualize your data – numerical variables
10. Plot your data
Work with your chart
Check yourself


Let's plot our data on the scatter plot. To do that, we will use the R function geom_point() again. This will add one point for each observation in our dataset. You can use it by simply adding it to the ggplot function:

ggplot(data = dataset, aes( x = variable_x, y = variable_y)) + geom_point()


Plot the alcohol_wealth data on a scatter plot using the above syntax. Set alcohol_wealth as the dataset, wealth_index as the x variable, and consumption as the y variable. When you're done, press Run and Check Code to check your code.

Stuck? Here's a hint!

You should write:

scatterplot <- ggplot(data = alcohol_wealth, aes(x = wealth_index, y = consumption)) +