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Know your data
Visualize your data – categorical variables
Work with your chart 2
Check yourself 2


Once again, we can try to visualize the relationship between our categorical variables using a simple plot – in this case, a bar chart. We can create a grouped bar chart that captures both variables. Or we can use two charts and compare them.

Let's see if using several bar charts will show any relationships. Here are the bar charts:

Bar Charts

Can you answer the following questions using these three bar charts?

  • Is there a relationship between the wealth of a country and its alcohol consumption?
  • What is the relationship? Do wealthier countries drink less alcohol than poorer countries?
  • Are there any untypical countries or groups of countries? For example, are there wealthy countries with a high alcohol consumption when most wealthy countries have a low consumption?
  • What values do both variables take? What are the minimal and maximal levels of alcohol consumption and of wealth in each country?
  • Which is the most frequent value?