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17. Histogram - Summary


Way to go! You’ve learned quite a lot about the histogram chart!

Let’s have a quick review. A histogram is used to visualize the distribution of a numerical variable. (Bar charts visualize the distribution of a categorical variable.)


When you create your own histogram, remember these tips:

  • Always start your y-axis at 0.
  • Make your histogram fit the variability of the data. Adjust the number of intervals or the length of the intervals to highlight your story.
  • Spaces in histograms have meaning. Don’t put a space between the bars of a histogram unless the frequency of that interval is 0.
  • Remove unnecessary grid lines. You rarely need a vertical grid in a histogram.

No matter what chart type you’re using, it’s always good to:

  • Choose a descriptive title for your chart.
  • Avoid excessively bright colors. Choose colors that are visually pleasing.