SQL Advent Challenge 2017: Get 25% OFF for Helping Santa (updated list of tasks)

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Wanna be part of this year’s Christmas success? Santa needs your help organizing his Christmas deliveries. For this occasion, we’ve prepared a special Christmas database. While working on tasks, you’ll help Santa Claus deliver gifts to children. For this upcoming Christmas, we’ve prepared a 24-Day SQL Advent challenge. From now until Christmas Eve, we’ll publish daily SQL tasks for you to complete. If you’ve completed or recently started our SQL Basics course, or if you already have basic SQL knowledge,

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SQL Crossword #1

How much SQL do you know? Test your knowledge with this crossword to find out! Download SQL Crossword #1 Psst! Be the first to post your answer in the comment section below and get 50% OFF on the selected course.  

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to SQL Fundamentals

Vertabelo Academy is a great place to learn SQL. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s best to have an overview of what SQL is, what a database is, and how they work together. In this article, you’ll find a quick explanation of all you need to get started with SQL. The Database You might have already heard that SQL is used with databases. What exactly is a database? In the most general sense, it is an organized collection of various

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How It Works

Brush up your tech skills with Vertabelo Academy interactive courses. Why Vertabelo Academy? You get instant access to lessons that teach various aspects of SQL. No need to install databases, download example tables, or spend time inventing exercises for yourself. The only requirement is a web browser. Each course comes with extensive practice material. You can enhance your skills and build confidence by writing hundreds of SQL queries. You get access to fully interactive, easy-to-understand courses. Concepts are presented simply,

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